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About was created and is administered by the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, Inc. (NADDI).
The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, Inc (NADDI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) nationwide membership organization that facilitates cooperation between law enforcement, healthcare professionals, state regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and focus’ on the investigation and prevention of prescription drug abuse and diversion. NADDI also sponsors and conducts specialized educational seminars and conferences. Visit for more information on NADDI.

In 2009, NADDI responded to numerous inquiries from our members asking “How To” run effective Drug Take Back Programs.  In response and in support, NADDI developed Project Drug Drop, a centralized information resource for our law enforcement partners who were interested in learning about how to facilitate a drug take-back event. Project Drug Drop assisted our law enforcement partners with information, guidance, and directional support on the development and implementation of the best drug disposal strategies for their communities. NADDI also hosted several annual statewide Drug Take Back Events collecting tons of unused and expired meds.

While individual Drug Take Back Events were and are an extremely effective way to reduce the misuse and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs on our streets, they can become very costly events to host. So, in 2011 in an effort to increase the drug disposal events, reduce overhead costs, and to maintain the effectiveness of the events NADDI began providing grant funding to law enforcement agencies for permanent-site Drug Drop Boxes. The Drug Drop Boxes provided a constant drop-off location for communities and assisted in reducing the cost of single events. was created to assist NADDI in the administrative processing of grant requests. The site was the first automated site to locate drop-off locations across the United States. NADDI was honored to received and administer grant funding from various charitable sponsors to purchase Drug Drop Boxes for interested law enforcement agencies. Over the course of its inception, NADDI has received varied grant funding from generous sponsors to assist law enforcement agencies in implementing a Drop Box program in their community.

When grant funding is not available, NADDI continues to provide Drug Drop Boxes at cost to law enforcement agencies. NADDI is always on the lookout for generous sponsors for our program. To participate in this worthwhile program and to receive more information on how to sponsor one or more Drug Drop Boxes, please contact

2020 Goals

What’s next for

Distribute More Boxes

The more medication disposal bins that we distribute, the more lives we will save. This is our #1 goal for 2020.

iPhone & Android Apps

Currently under development and coming your way at the beginning of 2020. Our design & development team is hard at work!

Improved Listings

We are currently in the process of verifying and improving the information we have for each Rx Drug Drop Box.

New Partners

Are you ready to do some good in the world? There are many ways to team up with us.

Expanded Support

We are expanding our Regulatory Support and Disposal Coordination efforts.

Downloadable Resources

Printable handouts, customizable box labels, and helpful signage are coming soon.