City of Fairfield – Ohio

The Fairfield Police Department location has collected 137.68 pounds of medication from January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012.  After Halloween of last year, when the box was installed, the Fairfield Police Department also collected an additional 46.24 pounds in November and December.  That is nearly 200 pounds in five months.   We have tried to advertise the collection site to our residents through water bills, quarterly newsletters and on our website with much prevail.  Since the drop box information was placed online it has become the number one searched item on the Fairfield Police website.

We are happy to report that the Fairfield drop location has collected over 620 pounds of prescription medication during the first year of existence.   In an attempt to limit the amount of plastic that is incinerated, we have also tried to re-use clean prescription bottles through Matthew 25 Ministries and recycle the remaining plastic and glass containers.  These re-used and recycled containers are not included in the 620 pounds.  Thank you for your continued assistance; we are very happy with the success of the program and the service that it provides our community.  We believe that the service this program provides will have a long term effect on the community and will be successful for years to come.