246 Pounds of Prescriptions Disposed (GA)

It has been nearly 6 months since the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office installed a drug drop box for unwanted and unneeded prescription medications. In that time, officials have collected 246 pounds of prescription medications that could have potentially ended up in landfills, the municipal water supply or worse, being abused. `We are thrilled with the response` said Chief Deputy Tom Caldwell `We have heard story after story from families that had been storing these medications after the loss of a family member or other situation. Until now, they just didn’t know what to do with them.`

Collecting that many prescription medications poses a problem unto itself. `Originally we had planned to take them to a disposal location.` Said Floyd County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Deputy Jerry Duke. `However, after we realized we were collecting such a large amount, we decided to make an adjustment in how we were disposing of them.` That change came in the form of a Drug Terminator! `Basically it’s a mobile incinerator’ said Duke. It burns so hot it does not create any smoke whatsoever and leaves nothing but an inert ash that can be disposed of safely.`

The Sheriff’s Office program is part of the Prescription Drug Drop Box initiative from the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) through a grant from Endo Pharmaceuticals, and the National Rx Drug Drop Box program.

The NADDI prescription Drug Drop Box program addresses a public health and safety issue because medications that remain in the home are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse and abuse. Many studies have shown that individuals who abuse prescription drugs often obtain them from family and friends. Removing unneeded or expired drugs from the home greatly reduces the chance they will be diverted for abuse.

The secure prescription drug drop box is located in the bonding lobby of the Floyd County jail and is available 24 hours a day. You can dispose of any prescription medication. However, we do not accept liquids or syringes.

For more information or to have a representative from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office speak to your church, civic or nonprofit group about this program or any other program offered, call Deputy Jerry Duke at 706-291-4111 ext 8861 or email dukej@floydcountyga.org